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In 1991 I rowed out in my dingy and took this photo of Excalibur in PNG on our way back from the Solomon Islands. 9 years before this photo Excalibur was not even a dream she was a pipe dream, a bit like going to the moon at that time.

Am I a dreamer?....yes, Do I have drive and passion with things that I value....yes   Have I learnt all the methods to fulfil your desires?   No of course not........... BUT I have learnt a few on the way. 

I think we are all here in Earth's Mystery school to simply grow. Growth is of course all about going beyond our parameters. Another accurate word we could also use would be the word expansion. 

When you think about it... the universe is also in a constant state of expansion, and if you are also in a state of expansion you are in alignment with the universe. Uni means one, verse means song. An example of a non expansion state is a state is a state of depression. You often hear these people say I feel stuck. 

If you don't have physical strength you know exactly how to get it. You go into a gym and pump weights. You don't lift weights that are too light nor do you lift weights that are too heavy. You get the maximum growth where you get the right amount of resistance, that is true whether you are talking mind body or spirt. 

This perspective that I have just mentioned is what I call a basic principle,  If I am reading a book or listening to audio from one of the many great minds out there, and I come across what I call a golden nugget. I make a note of it, and I have been doing this both formally and informally for the last 35 years. 

I think we all secretly believe we can do better in life, and we can achieve fulfilment. Aristotle spoke about just this he said 'Fulfilment is filling the void with value'. In fact the only way we can achieve our highest fulfilment in life is if our goals are congruent with our highest values, and no 2 people have the same set of values. 

When we are aware of our values and our goals, and not just intellectually (and that is a good starting place) obstacles are often not in the way as most people would perceive but actually on the way, and these same obstacles when viewed from the right perspective can actually become opportunities. In fact the greater the problem the greater the opportunity.

Life Coaching with me is about exploring our values and our goals and those habits or patterns of behaviour that don’t serve us in areas such as relationships, our levels of confidence and how we look after our selves, unfinished business, finances, our career and personal growth and of course happiness. Because achieving happiness and fulfilment in life is really a bi-product of getting a lot of the other stuff right.

Hypnosis is certainly one of the tools I have in my tool box but certainly not the only one. I am flexible to explore from a solution based perspective any area that you feel is holding you back from achieving your dream....

All the Best       John McColl Jan 2017

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies with in us."                  Oliver Wendall Holmes

    • The first session 2 hours @ $240
    • All subsequent sessions 1 hour @ $90
    • Health fund rebates may apply (16 health funds cover hypnotherapy)
    • After hour appointments available
    • Credit Card facilities available

    Appointments are based at:

    1 Brandon Street, in Argenton, Newcastle (next door to the Glendale Super Center)

    Call 02 4958 1985  for more info. email


    About Hypnosis with John McColl What is Hypnosis?

    The average person operates about 80% of the day from their subconscious mind this is our automatic behaviour.

    How many of our choices are made when we are in that automatic mode? For example, if you are a guy and you shave every morning, the odds are you will start at the same side and place on your face. When we are putting our shoes on the odds are we will always start with that same foot. When we brush our teeth every morning the odds are we will start with the same tooth. So it is not hard to understand why people struggle with any kind of addiction when we operate from our subconscious mind about 80% of the day.

    The fact is Hypnosis is one of the very few ways we can change or influence what we have in that automatic mind or subconscious mind. That is why hypnosis can be very effective when it comes to dealing with any unwanted habits for example cigarette smoking, finger nail biting or improving relationships.

    It is the choices that we make that determine how successful we will be.

    The main objective with hypnosis is to relax the mind until we go into what is known as the Theta state of consciousness. We are all very familiar with this state, we go into this state every night just before we nod off to sleep, and just before we fully wake up each morning.

    The Theta state of consciousness has 3 main characteristics associated with it:

    The first is we tend to learn differently, we tend to learn more like small kids, you know how small kids tend to learn things like sponges, they just soak it up. This is a very similar state of consciousness, a child up until the age of 7 is predominately in that same Theta state. A child in that age group can for example simultaneously learn 3 languages. When the average kid turns around 7 or 8 most of them will have less capacity to learn multiple languages than many adults.

    The second characteristic is our creativity is enhanced just like with those small kids. That is why many hypnotherapists use creativity and imagination as a central theme in their sessions, in other words when we go into that imaginative creative state we are also going into mostly the subconscious, and that is true even without hypnosis.

    The third characteristic of being in the Theta state is that we become highly suggestible, and that is of course exactly how hypnosis works. But here is the big but, there is nothing the hypnotherapist can make you do if you don’t really want to.

    For example, if I was to see 100 people for quit smoking sessions (I usually see around 300 p.a.) and out of that 100, none of them really wanted to quit my success rate would be 0. If they all didn’t just want to quit but they were ready to quit, (90% of all smokers don’t want to smoke) my success rate will go clean in the other direction.

    It’s also important to know that this is completely safe and that you are in total control the entire time. Remember hypnotherapists are just the tour guide - they can’t control people’s minds.

    Contact myself, John, for more information about his life coaching and hypnotherapy services available in Newcastle.  

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